Best Types of Wood for Furniture

Woods which are most commonly used for furniture making have their own distinctive markings. Below, we will discover the different characteristics of various woods so that you can start to identify the range of woods used to make furniture.


Teak is a premium choice for making furniture and doors for the home. Practical and lifestyle furniture benefits from being constructed using teak. The maturity time of teak spans between 50-70 years which means it’s quite expensive. That said teak is widely considered to be the most durable of hardwoods as it is both strong and heavy. Teak varies in colour from dark to golden brown.


Rosewood is considered a close second to teak because it’s also heavy, stable and highly resistant to decay. The dark reddish colour of rosewood is its namesake and the quality of the wood can be distinguished by its fragrance.

Rubber Wood

Hailing from the same tree which produces latex for rubber, rubber wood is sturdy yet cheap in comparison with both teak and rosewood. Though teak is weightier, rubber wood is denser and more resistant to screw withdrawal, giving a longer lifespan to fixtures constructed using rubber wood.


Wenge is the ideal choice of wood for contemporary furniture. A stunning cappuccino hue with black grains, wenge may be expensive but it’s of excellent quality and highly durable.


Cherry wood is popular in the production of fine furniture and is therefore a costly hardwood. The wood reacts well to various finishes and stains and matures over time, always remaining aesthetically pleasing.


Mahogany is king of fine furniture and widely regarded as the best of them all. This type of wood is very expensive and comes in a reddish brown/deep red shade.


Pine is the preferred wood for unfinished furniture. Light in colour, pine can take stains very well which is why it is perfect for staining or painting in a range of colours. Pine features various knots, visible growth rings and has a very familiar grain.

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