Customisable cabinetry details

Refresh your kitchen and add a touch of class with customisable cabinetry details. Whether you’re thinking of a brand new kitchen or a revamp, paying attention to the small details will have a big impact on the finished design.

We will run through some of the most popular options when it comes to cabinetry to give you a good idea of what’s out there and what you might like to incorporate into your own designs. From corbels and valances to cabinet feet, there’s plenty to think about.

Decorative supports

Choosing to design your very own decorative supports will place an elegant emphasis on your mounted wall units. Once used to support cabinets on walls, they now serve as a decorative feature which is available in a range of styles and sizes.

Choose your supports carefully to make sure that they accentuate rather than overpower the rest of your kitchen’s design. Something worth bearing in mind is that it’s better to try to avoid anything which is taller than 12 inches.


Create a kitchen fit for a stately home with corbels which you can add to focal points such as island corners and cabinet ends. Usually very ornate, corbels stand out and draw attention to the focal areas of your kitchen. Choose hand crafted corbels for a truly unique touch.


An apron in kitchen cabinetry is a piece of wood which journeys under and around an overhanging countertop. The standard apron height is usually 3 inches, which provides enough space for legs to sit comfortably under the counter top on an average seat height.


Decorative legs can enhance the corners of a kitchen island, turning it into a focal point in your kitchen as well as a practical space. If your cabinets are ornate in design, you could choose a decorative feature to replicate within the legs.

Toe kicks

Toe kicks in modern kitchens have become an industry-standard piece. 4.5 inches is the recommended distance between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. Leaving this space makes working close to the counter more comfortable and you could design a more intricate toe kick for areas which are less busy.

End panels

End panels are popular additions which are usually included when a run of cabinets does not meet a wall. Decorative end panels are more aesthetically pleasing, especially if they resemble the detail in your cabinet doors.


A valance is a decorative architectural feature which is used to cover unsightly but necessary electrical items such as the hood above the oven or below cabinet lighting. Valances can be made in all shapes and sizes and in any style to suit any design.


Decorative feet add finesse to the base of your cabinets. Fitted beneath the toe kick, adding feet to one cabinet adds detail. You can choose to apply feet to every cabinet to ensure consistency and cohesiveness or, alternatively, a clever use of feet can make one area, such as the sink or the cooker, look like an item of freestanding furniture.