I Want to Renovate a Listed Building, What Permissions Will I Need?

On this page you will find a quick rundown of the various types of planning permission you may need to acquire if you own a listed building or reside in a conservation area.

Before you consider commencing a project on a listed building, it's vital to remember that planning permission is required to work on all kinds of buildings. If you are going to be working on a listed building, your project could require extra planning permission and, in the event that more than one type of planning permission is required, it's best to apply for everything at the same time. Your local planning authority will then have the means to be able to assess the applications together, making it easier for them to make an informed decision.

Listed Building Consent is required for all work to a listed building which involves:

  • Alterations
  • Extensions
  • Demolition

Any work which is deemed to be at risk of affecting the character of a listed building (a building of architectural or historical significance) will require planning permission. Your local authority will be able to help you define what makes your home significant.

All types of work to be carried out on the listed part of a building require planning permission – specifically if its status as a listed building will be affected. If you wish to demolish your building, you will need Listed Building Consent.

Listed Building Consent

You should always check whether or not planning consent is required for whatever you plan to do. By outlining what may be acceptable and what adaptations may be needed to make the application more likely to succeed, you will likely save yourself a lot of both time and money.

When considering whether to grant or refuse an application, the planning authority will pay close attention to the need to preserve the building, its setting and the features which make it special. You should bear this in mind when preparing your application.

Carrying out unauthorised work on a listed building will likely lead to prosecution as it is a criminal offence. The planning authority may demand that all work completed without consent be reversed. You could have trouble selling a property which has not been granted Listed Building Consent for any works which have been carried out.